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                                                                                    Manifest For the Feelings

Manifest For the Feelings

It's time for the UTOPIC experience - Manifest for the Feelings! Give yourself an extraordinary end of November, in which you can free yourself from all worries, focus your attention on your Self, connecting it with everything around you! The Utopic experience is about the FEELINGS. It's about happiness. In order for you to live a complete and authentic experience, we have combined the theoretical with the practical, so you get exactly what you need and achieve the harmony between MIND, BODY and SOUL. Specialists in the fields: nutrition, psychology, reiki, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, wellness and art, come with you with essential information and techniques, in a natural setting, specially chosen, to complete your journey.

We invite you to give yourself the opportunity to become aware of the perfect combination of senses with which you were endowed and to remind you of the simple and natural way of being. "The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper" W. B. Yeats